My name Johnett, 35yr old and I love health/fitness and a challenge as well. Therefore, I am very much pleased with Ms CocoPhyt's FB fit challenges; motivates and pushes me beyond my self- imposed limits. Each day it seems as though I am achieving another breakthrough and gaining confidence in my abilities to become stronger! Who would think that I would be able to jog 6 miles, at a time without stopping and LOVE it?!? I must say, I am now, not a "weight check" crazy, chic. Instead, I enjoy how I look in the mirror and the new muscle definition; due to the added weights while squatting (grr). Lets not mention those leg exercises this Coco chic has me doing...OMG! Thanks so much for the authentic approach with Health & Fitness; because of it I've lost unwanted fat plus gained muscle and knowledge!

Jamie Johnson

Ft. Lewis, WA

This woman is my hero! Because of her program and killer workouts I lost over 30 lbs. She gave me the tools I needed to achieve and maintain success. Still maintaining after 2 yrs. When she says she cares...she really does! Use her knowledge and expertise and let it change your life as it changed mine for the better!

Allison Frye


I had the pleasure of weekly ass-kickings by Coco when she was in Portland. I have yet to find another workout that compares to boot-camps with Coco. You are lucky Las Vegas!


Coco Da Phytgurl, who I don't think realizes how much she is helping with changing my life and how I see myself!! I said before I used to have a love/hate relationship with food and now I look forward to preparing and enjoying my meals!! My energy level is increasing, and my midsection is melting away!! Check her out y'all; she's the TRUTH!!



I started my Phyt journey in March 2014 with a run challenge my sister Coco put on. At the time I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I could not run. I actually hated exercise as a whole. Next came the introduction of the Nike Training Club app fitness programs. They're four week programs designed for your fitness level. After getting less than 100% on the first session I made sure to complete the next. This increased my love for fitness and accomplishing my fitness goals. I don't quite remember when the PhytGurl group was created on Facebook. But it took everything up a notch. A community full of women.

Working, mothering, taking care of business. We are all busy. But the goal is to make our health a priority. Something that black women in particular have put to the wayside for decades to instead take care of others . We encourage each other, compliment each other and lift one another up with love, care and prayer. My PhytSistas (yes they are my sisters!) mean a lot to me. And because of them and PhytGurl I'm able to be the example my daughter needs to lead a fit lifestyle as she grows!


Kirkland, WA

When I turned 40 I knew I wanted to start taking better care of myself. Over the years I’ve tried all the trendy diets and never really gave exercise much thought. I learned about a 90 day Biggest Loser Challenge CoCo was leading and decided “Why not give it a try? What’s 3 months?” This was LIFE CHANGING and I have become a new & better me since then. I actually enjoy working out and having a personal trainer who has the magic ability to know exactly exercises I can & need to do. I enjoy doing HER assignments on MY schedule. Using technology these days just makes everything so simple. We can send videos back in forth, workout via Skype, text a question – it’s just perfect for me! As far as eating goes, I’m a pretty picky eater, and eating “healthy & clean” was not a goal of mine. Over time, I’ve learned such valuable information from CoCo and the PhytGurl community about portion control and how I can incorporate better eating habits within my realm of comfort. Even when I got into a car accident and had to stop working out for a while I was able to maintain good eating choices and stay in the right frame of mind because of the new lifestyle that PhytGurl helped instill in me. If you are looking for a knowledgeable coach and supportive females to keep you motivated, PhytGurl is the place for you!

Happy with my transformation so far!!!

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