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Motivators are extremely important. As we already know that we are overweight or living a sedentary lifestyle; how do you get started on a fitness regime? We have three types of motivators prosocial which is the strongest, extrinsic which is a primary source of motivation and intrinsic which is the longest lasting. Let’s take a closer look at the forces that will motivate you to make a lifestyle change.

Prosocial motivation is usually extremely substantial ie. a mother giving her life for a child, to keep disease away, running marathons to donate money, a kid asking a parent to stop smoking. Prosocial motivation is not about pressure it is enforced by genuinely wanting to make others happy. Knowing that others are watching and counting on us to win will push us to pursue our greatest potential.

Phyt Gurl started off as monthly fitness challenges. Each participant that joined came with their own goals and needs but we were all working to reach the same finish line. We not only had an internal will to win but also wanted to shine in the group. Running Phyt Gurl continues to be a prosocial motivator for me as I know that each member looks to me for support, coaching and looking great is my best advertisement to keep them engaged. The Phyt Gurls benefit prosocially as they want to continue to encourage their Phyt Sisters so they put their best foot forward.

Extrinsic motivation is made up of external factors that you can't control based on performing activities to earn a reward or avoid punishment. During the beginning of the year it seems that many places of employment will put on a “Biggest Loser” type of challenge. Everyone pays a monetary fee to join and the person or team who loses the most weight wins the prize. Although the players are usually serious about the competition when it is over most go back to their normal way of living as small rewards won’t change your lifestyle; but an inner goal. Extrinsic motivators are very common and the primary source for motivation but not sufficient to stand alone for a substantial period of time. Extrinsic motivators are the equivalent of a diet. Once you get to the finish line you will go back to your old unhealthy habits.

Intrinsic motivation is long lasting and stays through challenges as it comes from within. I love going to the gym. I go because there are no distractions and I know that after I get my workout I can enjoy a leisure activity such as the hot tub or steam room, which keeps me mentally balanced. I feel my absolute best afterwards. I own home gym equipment but I won’t get the same relaxation rewards post workout and there are so many distractions that the thought of home workouts are a lot less motivating. Sometimes intrinsic motivators are hard to express because they are less tangible. They come from enjoyment, self care, self expression and often provide self confidence. You would do this even if it didn't provide the rewards of external beauty. You must have at least 1 intrinsic motivator to stick with a regime.

You may not have all three types of motivators present at one time. In the example of how Phyt Gurl started you notice that it began with competition (extrinsic) but went on to address each individuals personal goals (intrinsic) as well as be an inspiration to others (prosocial); which have kept some clients in the program for years. Achieving Optimal Health is not a sprint, it is a marathon that you will be running for the rest of your life. Being intentional about staying motivated will be essential to your fitness journey!


It's 2020 a whole new decade! Have you gotten your OPTIMAL HEALTH in Check?



Contact PhytGurl @ services page, [email protected] or 253-334-0653 for a FREE consultation to get on the right track to Optimal Health!


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