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Posted on January 3, 2020 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (25496)



Being off of work somehow gives us the idea that we are off of everything. We worked hard all week why not sit a day out from fitness? We have eaten the best ever all week so why not have a cheat meal or day? RIGHT??? Nope...WRONG!!!

In just one day of eating off of the plan you could ruin you whole week! Remember 3500 calories equals 1lb. A Saturday of eating whatever you want & having those "small" glasses of wine on top of not working out can make the difference of gaining or losing a couple of pound by Monday!!!

Here are a few tips on keeping the weekend fit:


  • Don't play it by ear - have a weekend workout plan on deck (If you are a PhytGurl client this is provided for you!)
  • Workout immediately upon waking up so that fun doesn't get in the way of your fit
  •  Participate in PhytGurl weekend challenges - although some may be throughout the day EVERYONE CAN GIVE UP 30 SECONDS OF AN HOUR!
  • Use social opportunities to be fit - ask friends & fam to go bowling or skating. If you go to the club spend more time on the dance floor than at the bar - keep it moving!
  • Eat prior to attending functions that way you will be less likely to choose unhealthy options...being hungry is recipe for disaster!
  • Take healthy snacks on outings - don't let consession stands catch you at a weak moment - preparation is key!
  • Drink your water starting as soon as you wake up & ending right before bed - staying hydrated helps your makeup look so much better!
  • 8. Have fun, be fit but do schedule in some time to rest - keep those under eye bags away & be ready to tackle the upcoming week of fitness challenges!!!
  • Wear the right shoes out & to the gym - nothing kills a workout or a night out like hurting feet!
  • 10. Meal prep for the week ahead - preparing to be healthy will also motivate you to stay healthy in the moment!

 Keep in mind fitness is not just about your physical state but includes your mental and social health as well, so have a great time!

Don't let the weekend derail your achivements


It's 2020 a whole new decade! Have you gotten your OPTIMAL HEALTH in Check?





Contact PhytGurl @ services page, [email protected] or 253-334-0653 for a FREE consultation to get on the right track to Optimal Health!