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PHAT to Phyt: What is optimal health?

Posted on April 24, 2022 at 3:20 PM Comments comments (3471)



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By Qiana (Coco) Toure





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What is Optimal Health?

Most people think about “health” and “disease” as opposites. If you're not sick you must be healthy right? In reality, “optimal health” and “disease” are more like the bookends of endless possibilities, you can feel okay without being in the greatest of health. Examples are people who are winded after climbing a flight of stairs, are too tired to get through their activities of daily living without coffee or energy drinks, those who are not mentally focused enough to complete assigned work or who suffer from chronic depression not allowing them to live joyfully. There are so many fitness programs out there that solely focus on how great you look. That may work for some, but as your Phyt Coach I can't fathom assisting you to look great on the outside, yet leave you broken on the inside.

Being optimally healthy doesn’t mean not being sick enough to meet the diagnosis criteria for a disease and no one will spend an abundance of their lives in the state of optimal health. Everyone experiences days of not feeling well, don’t like what we see in the mirror, or just want to rest; that doesn’t mean that you are not optimally healthy. Optimal health just gives us a way to measure an extreme of well-being; being imperfect doesn’t mean that your physical, mental, social and spiritual health is ruined.

Optimal Health is not a prize that you obtain and then showcase without continual cultivation. It remains purposeful as changes that enhance your life. Hearing aids improve not only our hearing but also our listening skills. Living in an element of good health is an aid that improves the way you experience living. Climbing that flight of stairs can be invigorating to a healthy body, or exhausting to one that is not. Good health is what determines your experience of the exact same physical activity.

We tend to have an idea of how well we feel most of the time. But, due to the normality of sickness, what we deem as “healthy” may not be so accurate as evidenced by people who look and feel great, but realize they can actually feel even better. Our bodies can give us an idea of our health and wellness, but if you want to be as vibrant as possible, we need to have a basic definition of these terms:



WELLNESS: an active state of being healthy by living a lifestyle promoting good physical, mental, and emotional health

HEALTH: the mental and physical energy, vitality and resilience to live joyfully in your own body and face the challenges in your life

Therefore optimal health would mean living like that most of the time and including other aspects such as your social, spiritual, and financial well being.


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