Phyt Gurl is designed for busy women such as yourself, who want to reach your mental & physical optimal health goals; and feel beautiful, comfortable, and confident in your own skin.  Exercise leads to improved mental health through stress relief, helps to manage your weight, reduces the risk of injury and disease, strengthens your bones and muscles, and improves your ability to do everyday activities with heightened endurance.

  • Your Phyt Gurl workouts will address each component of fitness including:

  • Flexibility to form long lean muscles promote vascular health and assist in the prevention of injuries.

  • Cardio for heart health and fat burning.

  • Muscular strength and endurance which will also improve your body composition by tightening and toning the body.

          With Phyt Gurl, you have the flexibility of working out in your own home, as well as anywhere in the world with your trainer. I don't just stand there yelling at you, I actually workout with you, allowing you to mirror my form and enthusiasm, leading to motivation, a higher intensity and getting fitter faster!

          Although you must remember that your fitness journey is a marathon not a sprint, and you will continuously develop new optimal health goals. With Phyt Gurl there are no gimmicks. you will reach your goals through dedication to lifestyle change. Having had my own journey from Phat to Phyt, I will lead you with both empathy and accountability!          

Workout With a Trainer That Has

Transformed From Phat to Phyt

Empathetic as I have struggled with weight!

No gimmicks-Program that promotes Optimal Health and Lifestyle Change!

No cookie cutter workouts-Program based on your personal goals, body type, available equipment and abilities!

Offers support group with built in workout partner!

Provides Virtual Training-Never miss a workout as you can see your trainer from anywhere in the world!

Opportunity to embark on a fitness journey with friends/family even if they are in different states!